Exploring Nim's Island
With Primary Students
Written by Anne Vize and Jan Lind

Illustrations by
Jan Lind

ISBN 9780987542700

Published 2013 in Australia

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Exploring Nim’s Island With Primary Students’ is a pdf book which celebrates all that is unique and wonderful about our Australian environment and the creatures, landscapes and people which are found within it.

The 51 page book guides the generalist primary teacher through an extensive range of activities and lessons based on the film ‘Return to Nim’s Island’. With National Curriculum links for Years 3-6.

The book includes:

Comprehensive Teacher Pages

Each teacher page contains information that will guide you through the process of planning and implementing a lesson with students.

There are suggestions for modifying the activity to suit divers learning needs by either reducing task requirements or providing scope for extension, and suggestions to support students who need extension or additional support.

Each page has curriculum links which relate directly to areas of the National Curriculum, making the task of linking content to the curriculum an easy one.

Printable Student Activity Pages

The student activity pages have been carefully designed to suit the needs of middle to upper primary students, and provide opportunities to learn, discuss, collaborate, think, plan, design and record.  Some activities can be completed individually, while others call for small or larger group work. 

Many pages can be completed as part of a wider inquiry topic centred on the film “Return to Nim’s Island”.  This provides students with the opportunity to link their inquiry skills with the study of ‘film as text’ – an important component of the English curriculum.

A Step by Step Science Project

The science project has students investigating how increases in carbon dioxide in the air will affect the sea creatures that live near the Australian coast. Students discover the impact of ocean acidification- a real-world issue that has profound implications for our environment. By engaging students in practical scientific investigation of environment issues we aim to empower them to see themselves as knowledge-seekers and agents of change, able to contribute to a better environmental future.

Extending over several sessions, teachers and students are supported and guided through the complete scientific process - from undertaking relevant background research before you start, conducting and interpreting experiments, to making a scientific poster to share your findings with peers. The experiment does not require any specialist scientific equipment or knowledge and is carefully designed to give middle and upper primary students an enjoyable and positive “hands-on” experience.

Unique Environmental Colouring Pages

More than just colouring in pages - these environmental pages engage students in thought, inquiry and the creative process. Realistically detailed scenes of Australian animals and landscapes engage students in investigating the featured animal and the ecosystem, and using this knowledge to colour and complete the scene with their own drawings. A great creative activity for all students to demonstrate their learning.

About the Authors
Exploring Nim’s Island with Primary Students is written by Anne Vize and Jan Lind. Anne Vize has written over 25 teacher resource books for primary and secondary teachers, and is the author of the popular ‘A to Z of Special Needs’ (Teaching Solutions).  Jan Lind is a scientist and teacher with a passion for science and sustainability education for children.

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