The Indigenous People of the Kimberley

The ‘The Indigenous People of the Kimberley’ is a teaching resource for history studies in years 4, 5, 6, and 9 of the National History Curriculum.

‘The Indigenous People of the Kimberley’ tells the story of the Aboriginal People of Australia’s Kimberley district, whose history with the land dates back at least 50,000 years to when humans first settled on the Australian continent, and how the invasion of European miners and pastoralists impacted on their lives.

The history of the European settlement of the Kimberley and its effect on the local Indigenous People is a story that very few people are aware of, and with the currant emphasis that is being placed on reconciliation, it is vitally important that people have some understanding of what went on.

This educational resource is designed to tell the basic story of Kimberley Aboriginal People and the impact of european settlement on their land from the prospective of all Australians, in the hope it will inspire students to further investigate and form their own opinions about this important part of Australia’s history.

‘The Indigenous People of the Kimberley’ consists of 2 stand alone titles, ‘The Coming of a New Order’ and ‘The Backbone of the Pastoral Industry’.

Each title has a 20 minute video documentary on DVD, and a Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM that contains an interactive review, teachers guide and student work sheets.

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